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Offset & Metro Boomin Call Out Epic Records: “Bad Business”

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This year, there’s been plenty of good rap, regardless of what type you prefer. For this week’s edition of Best Songs of the Week, we hear from some of the biggest names on the newer wave of hip-hop. 6ix9ine dropped his debut mixtape and takes a different route with Chocolate, while fan favorite Ski Mask The Slump God drops the exhilarating “DoIHaveTheSause?”

Young Scooter has been teasing his new album, Trippple Cross, for quite some time, and it certainly delivers. One of the strongest tracks is “Both Sides,” which features brothers in (Super) Slime Future and Young Thug. All three artists shine, but Young Thug rapping, “I’m in a chocolate Ferrari, yeah, I look like a spider/My fifth pocket molly/My partner on Roxies, yeah, my bitch caught a body,” is surely a highlight.

Trust is hard to come by. That's why my circle is small and tight. I'm kind of funny about making new friends.

Eminem American Rapper

The 45-year-old Grammy-winning rapper dropped the extremely emotional music video for his song “River,” featuring Ed Sheeran on Wednesday morning. It’s been over 15 years since Eminem starred in the movie 8 Mile and now the “River” visual has Marshall Mathers back in the acting chair once again. The video documents Eminem’s relationship with a married woman, who then later learns that she’s pregnant. The video then cuts to Ed talking about having “trust” in relation ships. He then sings, “I’ve been a liar, been a thief, been a lover, been a cheat. All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me.”

The new video finds Molly, Nahmir and Cuban Doll posted up in the studio together as the teenage rapper’s tune, which is coated in a distinctly West Coast vibe, serves as the soundtrack. For his part, AD links with Molly near a condenser mic, where it looks like they could be about to lay down a track. No one’s all that animated in this particular visual, and there’s not a ton going on, but everyone looks like they’re having a good time.

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Speaking of shelved projects, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, which has been held hostage over the last few years as he continues his legal battle with Cash Money, may actually be released in 2018, if you can trust Birdman’s word that is. “You’ll get that this year,” he said in the recent Cash Money documentary The Cash Money Story.

“I’m not gonna let my pride be a handicap and stop me in life,” he said. “Because like I said, people have more pride than money. In certain situations, like the Assanova thing, he’s doing a Pimpin’ Curly skit. And what did [Rick] Ross do? He just kept working and working. I’m just gonna [keep working]. I don’t care about that.”

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